Everything you need to know to start running today!

Running only requires will and persistence. It is an excellent way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and lose weight. With these 9 tips you will be ready to start running.

Always Believe you can!

- Leave no room for doubt to creep in. Say I am a Runner! Not ands or buts.

Find the right shoes

- When you’re starting out find a really comfortable walking shoe and as you progress find a brand that you trust and like. When you are ready to invest in a great pair of running shoes, find a running store that can do proper fittings, then find that shoe on a discount.

Just Relax

- Running although it may seem intense, it really is relaxing just into your own groove. Create a rhythm

Stretch Properly

- Stretch before and after any exercise, especially running. The goal is to be injury-free plus it improves your flexibility

Shake it up

- Yes, I love running but I also like yoga and crossing training workouts. It’s about getting your body moving so that you can stay healthy

Eat properly

- Diets don’t work. They do more harm than good. So, train your mind to think “I am fueling my body when I eat and I don’t eat no junk” Be sure than your body is being filled with green leafy vegetables, fruits and nutrients.

Drink loads of water

- I know you hear this a lot, but it is that important. Some say drink your weight in ounces of water so if you weight 200lbs try to drink 200oz of water. That’s like 10 / 20oz bottles of water of a period of 16 hours. That’s a little of a bottle and a half an hour. If you’re not drinking water now just gradually start drinking more and more water each day. Now me personally I aim for a gallon of water day. That is 128oz and I believe that is sufficient.

Start gradually

- Walk, Jog, then Run. If you haven’t been training or have never really ran don’t just do a 5k (3.1 miles) on day 1. Start consistently walking, add in jogging then before you know it your jog has speed up naturally to a run. Go at your own pace not anyone else. You are your own competition

Think in minutes not miles

- The easiest way to eat an elephant is one bit at a time. I don’t not advocate eating animals especially not those majestic creatures, however the point is to take it step by step! Minute by minute. Adding a few more minutes each day. We’re building for the long haul not some quick fix. And before you know it you’re running a 5k, then a 10k then a half-marathon.

I designed the 7 day Kick Start Challenge for everyone and anyone. Even if you haven’t been working out or just thinking about making some moves. It is a gradual workout which increases in time. Also, it can be modified for a more advanced workout by adding more sets or moving faster.

Remember to always, plan your success, track your success, and share your success.

How many miles will you run or walk today? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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