How to Make Affirmations Work in Your Favor

Affirmations, what?

We are more often than not to hear the word, “affirmation” but what is it really all about? Simply put, they are statements you tell yourself. Whether uplifting or discouraging. What we think and how we feel has a great say over our mental well being and our confidence.

Focus on creating positive affirmations

By focusing on uplifting and positive affirmations and limiting those discouraging ones you can train your consciousness and subconscious into becoming what you desire.

Keep your affirmations in the present tense

It works best to say and think your affirmations in present tense. Basically, our minds don’t operate in past or future tense. Time is a concept humans invented, just saying.

Channel your emotions in to your affirmations

The more positive feelings you can put into them and connect them with a personal passion the better results you’ll have. Have some excitement behind them and even.

Kiss your Affirmations

Keep it simple sister. Make it something you could easily remember and use them to your advantage.

Connect your affirmations to you

Make the most of affirming the things you desire in your behavior and your goals. Affirmations are intended to train your mindset, not others. Dig deep and focus on what changes and or improvements you desire to see in yourself.

Repeat your affirmations

Write them down, meditate on them, say them aloud. The more you focus on them, the more they will manifest in your being.

Now some of my favorite affirmations are:

I am confident and positive. I successfully overcome obstacles

I am unique and special.

I always do my best

My thought are pure, constructive and positive

Mentally and emotionally I am strong, wise and positive

I have 100% confidence in myself

I am now confident, bold and fearless

I am smart, talented, and capable.

I believe in myself.

My personality always shines forth

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