Top 11 Tips for Successful Resolutions that will Last All Year Long

Top 11 tips for successful resolution that will last all year long. Happy New Year!

Top 11 tips for successful resolution that will last all year long. Happy New Year!

It can be a chore at times to change bad habits into good ones however just making the change will not be enough to sustain those changes for the long haul. Here are my top 11 tips for successful resolutions that will last all year long, in order to keep the good habits.

1 Plan Ahead

- Take the time to plan your meals and workouts for the week all at once. And if you are able plan weeks to months ahead. It makes easier for your grocery shopping lists, dinner plans, and workout schedule. When you set an appointment with yourself to do the things you’ve planned you feel great for accomplishing it. A food journal is a great way to plan you meals ahead and keep track of them in one place.

2 Rise Earlier

- Just 15 – 30 minutes earlier will give you the sense of calm to pray or mediate in the morning to clear your mind and plan and prep your day. And if you are having trouble getting up earlier then do the reverse, go to bed, 15 – 30 minutes earlier.

3 Have back ups

- Don’t leave the house without your emergency healthy snacks. Pack yourself nice treats in your purse, backpack, your drawers at work, your car (be careful in hot weather, though) any and everywhere you will be, have them available for you when you need them… and trust me you will need them.

4 Keep junk food out of sight and out of your dwelling

- Out of sight is definitely out of mind. Just don’t purchase those sumptuous tantalizing snacks. And if you must have them in the house, then put them in opaque cookie jars or bread boxes, on the top shelf behind all the healthy choices. Tell yourself that you don’t eat junk food instead of I can’t eat junk food. There’s so much more freedom in your words.

5 Substitute junk foods for healthier versions

- This takes some planning ahead, figure out what your food stressors are and whether you prefer salty over sweet snacks. For example, if you have the taste for something salty grab celery and hummus over chips and dip, if you have the taste for something sweet fruit is always a great choice, but sweet and creamy could be some nice cream made with frozen bananas.

6 Spice up your workouts

- With a jamming playlist or alternative route when running. Listen to an audiobook or different genre of music. Anything that will keep you on your toes and ready and excited to lace up your shoes and put on that workout gear. Even trying a workout challenge could do the trick or inviting your bestie to join you on a day you’re really out of it.

7 Don’t Skip meals

- Many people think that if they skip breakfast that they can save calories and therefore lose weight but what really happens is that they are starving by the time lunch arrives and then they over eat when if they had breakfast and a light snack before lunch they would stay on track and eat less by eating more. Keeping a food journal is an easy way to stick with your meal plan and keep up with your water intake.

8 Stop with the cheat days

- Allow yourself special treats when you want them, however everything in moderation, not deprivation. If you want some cheesy pasta, then by all means have some but put it in your plan for the week and work it into your meal plan as you plan ahead. The same goes for chocolate cake and cookies (which are my favorites), put them into your meal plan however one slice or one or two cookies, not the whole cake or dozen.

9 Reward yourself without food

- Create a reward system for yourself ahead of time and have a list of ideas that you can purchase yourself once you achieve that milestone, for example, when you lose your first 5 pounds, you’ll reward yourself with some cool neon headbands or after 20 pounds a new sports bra, or music, headphones anything except food. Also, find creative ways to celebrate with others that is not revolved around food, maybe for a birthday you all could go hiking. Celebrating is always fun with food, so have everyone make a healthier version of their favorite dish.

10 Calm down

- Chill out and don’t over stress if you have an off or bad day. That doesn’t mean throw in the towel or wave the white flag. It just means you’re human. We all have those days when we can barely get out of the bed or we just can’t. Deal with the situation, journal, mediate, get rest and get better. Then get back on it. Don’t give up and don’t give in. You got this. Just pick up where you left off or a comfortable place. Just don’t quit.

11 Accountability

- Setting goals works bests, when you first set the intentions, write them down and create an action plan, speak them aloud in the present tense as an affirmation, and share it with someone or others who will help you be accountable to those actions and will celebrate your success as well as motivate you when you are beat down. Find you tribe and always know curvy runner girls are here for you, join the private Facebook page.