How to break the chains of limited beliefs to manifest your desires!

Limiting beliefs have many different deep root sources and causes. Some people even believe they can be generational or even cultural. Limiting beliefs come in many forms, like that small voice that puts water on the fire of your desires and dreams or even opportunities. You may love to paint however a limiting belief would have you never pick up a paint brush or only let your cat see your drawing, if even that.

For example, because I’ve always been a heavy-set girl growing up, I didn’t do well in P.E. (physical education in elementary school). I never imagine that I’d become a runner. I would make statements like I don’t run or girl this body aren’t made for that kinda of stuff. That’s for skinny morning people and I’m neither of those. But low and behold here I am a curvy runner girl. Big and Proud of each and every stretch mark and every t-shirt, mile, medal, and black toes I’ve earned. But I didn’t just wake up and start believing in myself, as with most things there’s a process.

Here are my top 3 way to eliminate limiting beliefs in your life… it’s not the end all to be all but it’s a pretty good start.

Curvy Runner Girl Squad

You actually CAN do it!

1. Stop saying what you can’t and what you don’t do.

The best way to stop doing anything is to tell yourself that you don’t do it. Now that can work in a good way or a bad way… it’s truly up to you. If you want to stop smoking, then tell yourself repeatedly that you don’t smoke. And each time to light up say I don’t smoke. You will slowly stop smoking because you are always right. The same goes with running or exercise or healthier eating. If you don’t eat salad, then you’ll never desire to eat it. If you don’t run and say you’re not a runner than guess what honey – you are not one. You are what you believe you are. So, speak it! I am in fill in the blank. Or here’s another… if you continue to say… I’m broke or I’m poor or I never have enough money… no matter how much you earn… you will never have enough. So stop the negative self talk – practice positive self talk- I could go on however it’s time to get to number 2

Believe in yourself

Don’t Stop Believing in you!

2. Stop believing other people’s story about who you are.

Now this goes hand and hand with number 1. You’re circle and who you surround yourself with can make or break you. If you’re around others who don’t believe in themselves, the chances are you won’t either. And when you decide it’s time for a change, they will remind you of all the times you failed and when it didn’t work for them or someone they know. That is not going to be the fertile ground you’re looking to plant your seeds of self-improvement in because that soil is toxic. Even if they mean you the upmost and are trying to help you by keep it real - in reality they can’t see it for themselves and you are the same as them so they can’t see it for you either. Re-write that script. Create a new chapter and plan for success. Surround yourself with the type of people you want to become. Read about them, watch them, listen to them and things will indeed turnaround. Last but certainly not least number 3

Set Your Intentions

3. State your intentions. Declare who you are and what you stand for.

Goal Setting made easy

How do you see yourself going forward. Where do you see yourself going? And how do you plan to get there? You can’t just eliminate your limiting beliefs and not set real intentions to lay the foundation of believing in yourself and your self-worth. You must have a plan. Dig deep and find what you really want and need to live and be the best version of yourself. Maybe that’s something you can’t even articulate right now but you have a faint vision of it in your mind. Sit and think on that imagine until you can feel it and see it. Then go over the who, what, when, and where’s. Meaning Who do you need to help you along this journey, what will you need to stop doing to get going, what will you need to get going, when will you make time for these new activities or goals, where will it happen but most importantly before all of those… ask yourself why you even what to do it in the first place. A why that it true to you, deep rooted from the limiting belief that will propel you into your greatness.


To recap limiting beliefs hinder us for our dreams however by developing positive self-talk, rewriting our narrative and setting our intentions we can break the chains that hold us back from living our best lives.

If I said something that resonates with you drop it in the comments, like this and become a member of the squad.

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