Body Positive Article on Runner's World .com!!

Look out world… I made it! Earlier this year, yours truly was honored to speak with the beautiful writer and runner, Kiera Carter (@kieramcarter) and become a part of her article, “5 Expert-Backed Ways to Be a More Body-Positive Runner” which was featured on the well-known You can find the full article or summarized below.

Runner’s World article by Kiera Carter  mentioning Alesha Anchundia of Curvy Runner Girl on April 3, 2019

Runner’s World article by Kiera Carter mentioning Alesha Anchundia of Curvy Runner Girl on April 3, 2019


Three real runners share their experience with weight pre- and post-training for long distance races like marathons, and half-marathons.

Kiera PR'd at the Los Angles Marathon unexpectedly

Lindsey noticed some surprising changes while training for the NY Marathon

Alesha gained a new sense of self from 5Ks to Half-Marathons

How to manage the changes:

  • Beware of before-and-after weight loss photos.

  • Focus on non-weight goals.

  • Don't burn yourself out.

  • Understand the process.

  • Combat the post-marathon blues.

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Runstreak Day 95

Runstreak Day 95:

Distance: 1 mile

Time: 13:27


25s Forearm Plank,

25s Extended Arm Plank,

25s Forearm with 10 Side Steps

15s Side, Middle, and Back Stretches

10 Modified Push Ups

Ok, so it was a blitz to the gym at the very last minute tonight (one of those, close early nights) but I got in and managed to do a real quick run. I limit my faster running for races since I'm currently on a streak. I really enjoy the strengthening aspect of it which has gradually made me faster so tonight's mile was not something I'd do everyday but I guess when and if I need to its nice to know I can.
After the #run, I did my #planks, some #stretches and a few push ups. Then went to the movies.
Thanks for all of the plankers out there, you ladies and gents are so a wonderful job!! Keep up the great work!!!

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Runstreak Day 90

What can I say... Its been 90 days of #running and I like this freaking streaking adventure! I really do.

🌟 I was only going to do my minimum of a #mile today but I made it to the gym too late so I only did so some push ups and a few plank variations.

🌟I did make it to the #silvercomettrail near my house and it was a great idea. The fresh air and all of natural gave me a little extra pizzazz.

🌟So much so I ran a #5K (3.2 miles). I've been running on the treadmill alot lately and although its convenient its not as enjoyable.

🌟A bonus I unexpectedly ran faster today than the 5K I did on March 1. I only realized this as I was compiling my March pics for my slideshow. What a journey this has been. Woo Hoo!!!

#curvyrunnergirl #curvyrunner #biggirlworkout #bodypositivity