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Key Tips to Planking for Beginners

Planks are amazing core exercises and great for balancing as well. They are effective body weight exercises that not only strengthening your core but improve posture and can even help relieve lower back pain.

It’s all about the core, and glute engagements with this exercise! Points to remember when planking are to squeeze your glutes, quads, push up strong through the upper back to keep back flat, and tuck that belly button in to turn on the core muscles.

Keep your head straight down, don’t sink down to the floor, and keep your shoulders right above your elbows. Keep your core tight, hips square to the ground.

Some common mistakes are looking up (which puts pressure on your neck and spine), having a bent lower back (by not engaging your abs which puts the weight on your back instead) and having your elbows in front of your shoulders.

It may get a bit harder as your progress through the challenge but remember if it’s easy then you’re only maintaining. The goal isn’t to ‘survive’ the plank, but to maximize tension during the exercise. Basically, make it difficult for yourself: You should be shaking, not in excessive pain.

Always believe in yourself. Push yourself, do your best, practice, practice, practice and know that one day you’ll do the unimaginable.

Join the Beginner Plank Challenge today!

Beginner's Plank Challenge

Beginner Plank Challenge

Let’s plank together all April long!

Planking is one of the best exercises for gaining core strength. It is a multi-body strengthener. It helps strengthen your quads and other stabilizing muscles in your shoulders and upper body.


The one of the best parts about planks, you can do them anywhere without any equipment. Also, it can be scaled to any fitness level. I have developed a 30-Day Beginner Plank Challenge for Curvy, thick and big girls like myself who have found other plank challenges too difficult. The party starts on April 1st!

Download the printable chart and Join us!

Visit the Facebook or Instagram page on a daily basis and check-in after you’ve completed your workout. I will post a check-in post each morning.

Include the challenge hashtag: #beginnerplankchallenge and #curvyrunnergirlchallenge with your workout selfies. Follow and support other ladies as we commit to planking all month long.

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Here’s a quick tutorial on maximizing the benefits of planks:

  • Place your forearms/arms with fingers spread and grip the mat. Aligned below the shoulders and arms parallel to the body about shoulder-with apart. Clasp your hands together, if flat palms bother your wrists.

  • Think proper alignment. Keep a straight line along your whole body; as long as you’re not making a tent-pee or u-shape with your back or body, you should be fine.

  • Tighten and engage your abs, core and glutes muscles. Modify by dropping your knees. Don’t forget to breathe!

Tips that make planks easier:

1. Do them daily

2. Don’t look at the clock/watch

3. Play upbeat tempo music during your plank

4. Just have fun!

Join the challenge today and gain the core strength you've been missing in your routines. Don't miss a thing by signing up for the Curvy Runner Girl newsletter!! Drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts about the challenge.


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